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The company that would become Flatland Virtual Assistance began in 2018 by its founder, Ashley. Born & raised in Vancouver, Canada, she realized that after over 13 years of providing executive assistance to various CEO’s, a great VA doesn’t need to be in the office to offer amazing support.  Rather than spending 8+ hours in an office, waiting for CEO’s to return from meetings to determine their needs, her clients would save time and money having a virtual assistant, without any overhead or time wasted.

From the Mountains to the Flatlands, Ashley and her Team provide exceptional virtual assistance across North America. With Virtual Assistants based in Canada and the US, you’ll be partnered with Ashley & her team that can handle your needs for as many minutes & hours as you require. 

Now that Ashley has been my V.A. for almost a year, I honestly can’t imagine working without her assistance. Simply put, she makes us better in everything we do. Ashley is timely, efficient, and extremely sharp. She’s exactly what we were looking for in an assistant.

– Will Host, Owner & Chief Designer at Andocia Creative Agency

“Ashley is a ‘game changer!’  She has the amazing ability to make the complicated simple.  Over our two years working together, she has continually taken on more tasks to allow me to be more effective in what I do best.  She does all of the ‘behind the scenes’ work to prepare me for daily success.  She is a self-starter, who often knows what needs to be done, even before I do.  Ashley is a ‘game changer’ for me and she will be for you too!”

– Anonymous, COO

“I’ve worked with Ashley for two years now; I’ve never known that an Executive Assistant could be such a work-changing experience. Need an event planned? Ashley had me covered. Need to follow up on multiple different email threads? No problem, covered. Need some weeks to be a sprint, and others can be more laid back? Boom – got you covered. Need a master planner and critical path follower? Look no further.  Ashley is friendly, personable, and most importantly, well organized, quick to react, and able to adjust to fit any style.”
– Anonymous, Private Wealth Manager 

Blazing Fast Assistance

The key to being a great virtual assistant is anticipating our clients needs before they even know it – and that is the beauty of Flatland VA. With prompt response times and fast deliverables, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a VA!

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